Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Waypoint REIT (WPR) has a distribution reinvestment plan (DRP) which is currently open.

A copy of the DRP rules (Plan) can be downloaded hereOpens in new window.

Under the Plan:

  • Participation is optional;
  • Securityholders can participate in the DRP for all or part of their security-holding;
  • There are no fees, brokerage, stamp duty or other transaction costs for Securities issued under the Plan;
  • Securityholders can join, withdraw, or vary participation in the Plan at any time;
  • All Securityholders whose registered address is in Australia or New Zealand are eligible to participate in the Plan;
  • Securities acquired under the Plan will rank equally with existing Securities; and
  • Securities may be issued at a discount to the VWAP over the Pricing Period.

Under the Plan, Waypoint REIT will determine the Pricing Period and any DRP Discount that may apply.

If you wish to participate in the DRP please complete the DRP Participation Form or create an Online Instruction both accessible via the share registry Link Market Services log in here.

To participate, applications must be received by the Last Election Date, which in respect of a Distribution, is the date advised by Waypoint REIT to the ASX at least one Business Day after the Record Date for that Distribution.